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Touring France – Beautiful Bordeaux!

Getting to grips with the French wine regions is like exploring your way through different countries. Each region has its own identity, climate, style, grape-types and wine-laws. In some areas wines can be drunk young, without food, in others wines need to be aged, sometimes for years and need to accompany a meal. Over the […]

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Warm up with winter whites

Brrrr … the temperatures have dropped, so here’s your winter wines survival kit … but with a difference.

Lighter side of winter
Many people drink seasonally – red wines in winter, whites in summer; you know the story. I am not one of those people. For white wines are not only for hot sunny days. They can […]

World Malbec Day is upon us!

It’s World Malbec Day. To celebrate why not read all about this wonderful, globe-trotting black grape that has taken the world by storm?

With it’s spiritual home in Cahors in France, and it’s adopted home in Argentina, this globetrotting red grape makes a variety of big fruity wines. Try Malbec when you want bramble-fruits, damsons, and plenty […]

South Africa … a treasure trove of wine excitement!

The South African wine industry has boomed following the end of apartheid. With heavy investment and major training programmes underway, it is set to be an increasingly major player in the wine world.

Freedom Strikes…

Despite South Africa being classed as New World, it has actually been producing wines for over 350 years after the migrating French […]

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Chill out with your reds

Throw out the rule book
“Forget the old ‘room temperature’ rule – some reds taste better out of the fridge” (Tim Atkin, Master of Wine). Serving slightly cold red wine isn’t blasphemy; it’s the perfect thing to drink on a balmy evening. And Australia’s predominantly warm, sunny climate, along with wide-ranging cuisine, is ideal for serving […]