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What is a ‘Wine Show’?

Each year, judges from around the world converge on convention centres, town halls and historic buildings to critique wines of all shapes and sizes. Each judge spends hours deliberating over what’s in front of them to arrive at a score, a score that often determines how that wine will sit in its market place. Whether […]

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All you need to know about Sparkling wine!

The most famous sparkling wine that you will come across is Champagne. However, sparkling wines are also made in a number of other regions outside of Champagne, and these make tasty affordable alternatives if you don’t want to pay for the Champagne price tag. Join us for a tour around the sparkling wine world to […]

Germany – unlike anything else in wine…

Ask someone to name a German wine and most people will give you the names of cheap bland sugary brands, which unfortunately Germany has now become associated with. German wine is more than Blue Nun, Liebfraumilch or Hock however. There is a wealth of very good quality delicious wine waiting to be discovered.

Colder Grapes

Winters in […]

Celebrate International Chardonnay Day!

The critics agree: “Chardonnay is unquestionably the world’s finest dry white wine” (Scotland on Sunday) … “unbeatable” (The Observer) … “one of the world’s greatest grape varieties” (The Times). So get ready to celebrate International Chardonnay Day this Saturday in fine style.

Rediscover Chardonnay
Chardonnay’s had a bit of a bad rep over the past few years. […]

Take a walk on the sweeter side of life

You may not know it, but almost every country that makes table wine (Shiraz, Cabernet, Chardonnay and the like) also makes a version of sweet dessert wine. In France’s Bordeaux region they craft the delicate yet sweet Sauternes, while in the US they have white Zinfandel. Over to Hungry you’ll find the rare elixir known […]

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