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Argentina… beautiful big reds and awesome aromatic whites!

Like Chile, Argentina is another country on the up in the wine world at the current time. Boasting a fantastic range of great value wines, as well as the country’s two home-grown secrets – Malbec and Torrontes – Argentina is the place to look if you want something a little different and that won’t break […]

All you need to know about Sparkling wine!

The most famous sparkling wine that you will come across is Champagne. However, sparkling wines are also made in a number of other regions outside of Champagne, and these make tasty affordable alternatives if you don’t want to pay for the Champagne price tag. Join us for a tour around the sparkling wine world to […]

Love it or hate it, Sauvignon is here to stay!

If there’s a grape that has had to face up to a few challenges over the years, it’s Sauvignon Blanc. It grew to fame in Sancerre in the Loire but then New Zealand upped the ante and introduced Cloudy Bay as the iconic New World Sauvignon. If that wasn’t enough, a number of youngsters have […]

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South Africa … a treasure trove of wine excitement!

The South African wine industry has boomed following the end of apartheid. With heavy investment and major training programmes underway, it is set to be an increasingly major player in the wine world.

Freedom Strikes…

Despite South Africa being classed as New World, it has actually been producing wines for over 350 years after the migrating French […]

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Chardonnay can do no wrong!

When it comes to white wine, Chardonnay is big, big, big the world over. It’s probably the most talked about grape on the planet and there’s hardly a wine region in the world where it isn’t grown. Chardonnay also has an upper hand on most other grapes, as it is one of three grapes which […]

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