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Ancient Spain!

Spain has a long history of producing wines and is famous for the legendary Rioja. However, there’s far more to the country than just Rioja – hunt a little deeper and you’ll come across an abundance of exciting wines, all begging to be tasted.

World Famous Rioja

When it comes to Spanish wine, most people tend to […]

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Oaky Aussie Chardonnay – read all about it…


An Oaky Aussie Chardonnay is a typical “Marmite” wine – you’ll either love it or hate it. Oaky Aussie Chardonnays are characterised by a woody taste, which comes from being aged in oak for several years. Basically if you are white wine lover and you like the taste of oak in your wines, an Oaky […]

Chardonnay can do no wrong!

When it comes to white wine, Chardonnay is big, big, big the world over. It’s probably the most talked about grape on the planet and there’s hardly a wine region in the world where it isn’t grown. Chardonnay also has an upper hand on most other grapes, as it is one of three grapes which […]

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Lock, stock – and barrel!

Barrel of Fun
From the golden hued Chardonnays of Burgundy to First growth Bordeaux, usually the most expensive and finest wines in the world are produced with barrel oak ageing.

More Seasoning, Sir?
It is often said that oak barrels are a winemaker’s ‘spice rack’. The inside of each barrel is charred, or ‘toasted’, and winemakers can use […]

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