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Get to know your Italian grapes!

Italy is home to over 1000 grape varieties so it would be impossible to profile them all here. Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Primitivo make some of Italy’s best-loved tipples, and if you are unfamiliar with the wines of this lovely country, then these are a good place to start.

Sangiovese –

This beautiful grape makes medium bodied high […]

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Germany – unlike anything else in wine…

Ask someone to name a German wine and most people will give you the names of cheap bland sugary brands, which unfortunately Germany has now become associated with. German wine is more than Blue Nun, Liebfraumilch or Hock however. There is a wealth of very good quality delicious wine waiting to be discovered.

Colder Grapes

Winters in […]

There’s something about MERLOT!

Thanks to one little Hollywood movie (Sideways… just so you know), Merlot has garnered a bum rap amongst wine enthusiasts. But why? It’s fruity, plush, layered and when produced in Right-Bank Bordeaux can demand eye-watering price tags. Merlot is most well known as one of the key red grapes used to make Bordeaux but it’s […]

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Touring France – Beautiful Bordeaux!

Getting to grips with the French wine regions is like exploring your way through different countries. Each region has its own identity, climate, style, grape-types and wine-laws. In some areas wines can be drunk young, without food, in others wines need to be aged, sometimes for years and need to accompany a meal. Over the […]

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World Malbec Day is upon us!

It’s World Malbec Day. To celebrate why not read all about this wonderful, globe-trotting black grape that has taken the world by storm?

With it’s spiritual home in Cahors in France, and it’s adopted home in Argentina, this globetrotting red grape makes a variety of big fruity wines. Try Malbec when you want bramble-fruits, damsons, and plenty […]