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Germany – unlike anything else in wine…

Ask someone to name a German wine and most people will give you the names of cheap bland sugary brands, which unfortunately Germany has now become associated with. German wine is more than Blue Nun, Liebfraumilch or Hock however. There is a wealth of very good quality delicious wine waiting to be discovered.

Colder Grapes

Winters in […]

Take a walk on the sweeter side of life

You may not know it, but almost every country that makes table wine (Shiraz, Cabernet, Chardonnay and the like) also makes a version of sweet dessert wine. In France’s Bordeaux region they craft the delicate yet sweet Sauternes, while in the US they have white Zinfandel. Over to Hungry you’ll find the rare elixir known […]

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Clean, crisp, refreshing whites

‘Clean and crisp’ wines really don’t take much explaining – they are deliciously crisp and rather… well… clean on the palate. Or, to put another way, they are full of lots of fresh flavours and are easy to drink. You won’t come across any overpowering aromas or heavy textures here.

The Perfect Aperitif

Don’t expect lashings of […]

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Grape Zone – Riesling

Riesling is an aromatic white grape, full of flavour, sugar and acid. The experts would say that it’s very “terroir specific”. What they mean is Riesling tastes like where it is grown, the climate, soil type and how it is treated. Riesling is a great little grape because it keeps its acidity, even when very […]

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