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Germany – unlike anything else in wine…

Ask someone to name a German wine and most people will give you the names of cheap bland sugary brands, which unfortunately Germany has now become associated with. German wine is more than Blue Nun, Liebfraumilch or Hock however. There is a wealth of very good quality delicious wine waiting to be discovered.

Colder Grapes

Winters in […]

Touring France – Beautiful Bordeaux!

Getting to grips with the French wine regions is like exploring your way through different countries. Each region has its own identity, climate, style, grape-types and wine-laws. In some areas wines can be drunk young, without food, in others wines need to be aged, sometimes for years and need to accompany a meal. Over the […]

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Chardonnay can do no wrong!

When it comes to white wine, Chardonnay is big, big, big the world over. It’s probably the most talked about grape on the planet and there’s hardly a wine region in the world where it isn’t grown. Chardonnay also has an upper hand on most other grapes, as it is one of three grapes which […]

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What does each grape smell and taste like?

Most of you won’t ever have to sit a blind wine tasting exam. Consider yourself lucky, because they can get confusing. So many grapes have similar scents and flavours, and astutely selecting one from another can be a tough ask.

Each grape has one or two rather distinctive aromas or flavourings that are typical to the […]